Wirral Tennis League 2017/18

Main League

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Team Averages for Oxton B (Division 6)
RubbersSetsLeague Points
TeamDivisionPlayWonLostDrn% WonPlayWonLostWonLost
121Darren Hough1064060221393624
224Chris Saxby1064060211293426
334Jack Anderson853063171072820
442Michael Dunleavy84405016882424
565Neil Clayton2200100440120
687Louie Snell21105063366
788Bala Srhidar21105042266
899Moira Cosgrove61501712210630
Sun 24th Sep1APort Sunlight D18662
Sun 15th Oct2ANorth Cheshire A61826
Sun 5th Nov4HBirkenhead B18662
Sun 19th Nov5HUpton VH C18662
Sun 26th Nov5AAlderley C42027
Sun 31st Dec7HHelsby B121255
Sun 14th Jan8HPort Sunlight C02408
Sun 11th Feb10AUnivercity of Chester A02408
Sun 25th Feb11HPinewood A02408
Sun 18th Mar13HPrenton D02408
Sun 25th Mar13ABertram B02408
   Played 11761882764


Match No 13
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Bertram B Oxton B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
James Tanner-davies1Walk Over16-06-00-020
Ollie Tanner-davies2Walk Over2
Dave Martin3Walk Over36-06-00-020
Mike Davies4Walk Over4
James Tanner-davies1Walk Over36-06-00-020
Ollie Tanner-davies2Walk Over4
Dave Martin3Walk Over16-06-00-020
Mike Davies4Walk Over2
Total Sets80
Total Points240


Match No 13
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Oxton B Prenton D Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Walk Over1Les Collins10-60-60-002
Walk Over2Mark Oconnor2
Walk Over3Tom Holton30-60-60-002
Walk Over4Sam Goodall4
Walk Over1Tom Holton30-60-60-002
Walk Over2Sam Goodall4
Walk Over3Les Collins10-60-60-002
Walk Over4Mark Oconnor2
Total Sets08
Total Points024


Match No 11
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Oxton B Pinewood A Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Walk Over1Sandy Burrows10-60-60-002
Walk Over2Ian Peters2
Walk Over3Roy Pownall30-60-60-002
Walk Over4Andy Minnis4
Walk Over1Roy Pownall30-60-60-002
Walk Over2Andy Minnis4
Walk Over3Sandy Burrows10-60-60-002
Walk Over4Ian Peters2
Total Sets08
Total Points024


Match No 10
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Univercity of Chester A Oxton B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Tom Butler-sainsbury1Walk Over16-06-00-020
Edward Christie2Walk Over2
Elliot Lowes3Walk Over36-06-00-020
Gabor Zsibritovszky4Walk Over4
Tom Butler-sainsbury1Walk Over36-06-00-020
Edward Christie2Walk Over4
Elliot Lowes3Walk Over16-06-00-020
Gabor Zsibritovszky4Walk Over2
Total Sets80
Total Points240


Match No 8
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Oxton B Port Sunlight C Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Walk Over1Alexander Hill10-60-60-002
Walk Over2Mark Tollerton2
Walk Over3Gabriel Dooris30-60-60-002
Walk Over4Norman Nelson4
Walk Over1Gabriel Dooris30-60-60-002
Walk Over2Norman Nelson4
Walk Over3Alexander Hill10-60-60-002
Walk Over4Mark Tollerton2
Total Sets08
Total Points024


Match No 7
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Oxton B Helsby B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Chris Saxby1Steve Frehley16-36-00-020
Michael Dunleavy2Dan Ellis2
Louie Snell3Andrew Parkin31-66-37-1012
Darren Hough4Neil Duffy4
Chris Saxby1Andrew Parkin34-63-60-002
Michael Dunleavy2Neil Duffy4
Louie Snell3Steve Frehley14-66-310-721
Darren Hough4Dan Ellis2
Total Sets55
Total Points1212


Match No 5
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Alderley C Oxton B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Mark Goodchild1Chris Saxby16-36-30-020
Roger Warbrick2Jack Anderson2
Dave Porteous3Darren Hough36-16-30-020
Ian Barr4Moira Cosgrove4
Mark Goodchild1Darren Hough36-16-00-020
Roger Warbrick2Moira Cosgrove4
Dave Porteous3Chris Saxby16-13-68-1012
Ian Barr4Jack Anderson2
Total Sets72
Total Points204


Match No 5
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Oxton B Upton VH C Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Darren Hough1Mike Fryer16-26-00-020
Jack Anderson2Thomas Testo2
Bala Srhidar3Paul Mabon36-46-30-020
Moira Cosgrove4Paul Testo4
Darren Hough1Paul Mabon36-46-10-020
Jack Anderson2Paul Testo4
Bala Srhidar3Mike Fryer14-64-60-002
Moira Cosgrove4Thomas Testo2
Total Sets62
Total Points186


Match No 4
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Oxton B Birkenhead B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Neil Clayton1Peter Groggins16-46-20-020
Darren Hough2Harry Fitzherbert2
Michael Dunleavy3Mike Unwin36-17-60-020
Chris Saxby4Mike Randall4
Neil Clayton1Mike Unwin36-06-10-020
Darren Hough2Mike Randall4
Michael Dunleavy3Peter Groggins15-72-60-002
Chris Saxby4Harry Fitzherbert2
Total Sets62
Total Points186


Match No 2
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
North Cheshire A Oxton B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Mike Kenny1Chris Saxby17-56-40-020
Nigel Hobro2Jack Anderson2
Peter Ferrett3Michael Dunleavy36-46-30-020
David Hynes4Moira Cosgrove4
Mike Kenny1Michael Dunleavy36-46-10-020
Nigel Hobro2Moira Cosgrove4
Peter Ferrett3Chris Saxby13-63-60-002
David Hynes4Jack Anderson2
Total Sets62
Total Points186


Match No 1
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Port Sunlight D Oxton B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Geoff Stott1Chris Saxby11-60-60-002
Ian Mckay2Michael Dunleavy2
Barry Crossman3Darren Hough31-63-60-002
John Moruzzi4Jack Anderson4
Geoff Stott1Darren Hough36-46-40-020
Ian Mckay2Jack Anderson4
Barry Crossman3Chris Saxby11-61-60-002
John Moruzzi4Michael Dunleavy2
Total Sets26
Total Points618