Wirral Tennis League 2017/18

Main League

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Team Averages for Helsby B (Division 6)
RubbersSetsLeague Points
TeamDivisionPlayWonLostDrn% WonPlayWonLostWonLost
18Andrew Reynolds14950643320135628
29Dan Ellis14950643120115628
312Neil Duffy1293075271985220
423Bob Putnam862075191273414
529Steve Frehley165110313412223462
646Kevin Fairbanks431075862186
763Adam Youds2200100440120
876Steve Herd62403312481224
978Andrew Parkin2200100541102
1081Bill Johnson21105053284
Sun 24th Sep1ABirkenhead B101445
Sun 8th Oct2HAlderley C61826
Sun 22nd Oct3APort Sunlight C22281
Sun 5th Nov4APort Sunlight D18662
Sun 19th Nov5ANorth Cheshire A16864
Sun 3rd Dec6HUpton VH C24080
Sun 31st Dec7AOxton B121255
Sun 7th Jan8HUnivercity of Chester A24080
Sun 28th Jan9APinewood A42027
Sun 18th Feb11HBertram B121244
Sun 25th Mar13HPrenton D20472
   Played 11168966036


Match No 13
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Helsby B Prenton D Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Andrew Reynolds1Les Collins16-16-77-1012
Neil Duffy2Mark Oconnor2
Adam Youds3Tom Holton36-26-40-020
Bob Putnam4Sam Goodall4
Andrew Reynolds1Tom Holton36-06-20-020
Neil Duffy2Sam Goodall4
Adam Youds3Les Collins16-26-00-020
Bob Putnam4Mark Oconnor2
Total Sets72
Total Points204


Match No 11
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Helsby B Bertram B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Andrew Reynolds1James Tanner-davies16-60-65-1002
Bob Putnam2Ollie Tanner-davies2
Steve Frehley3Dave Martin36-36-30-020
Dan Ellis4Mike Davies4
Andrew Reynolds1Dave Martin36-36-00-020
Bob Putnam2Mike Davies4
Steve Frehley3James Tanner-davies12-64-60-002
Dan Ellis4Ollie Tanner-davies2
Total Sets44
Total Points1212


Match No 9
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Pinewood A Helsby B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Ian Peters1Andrew Reynolds16-46-10-020
Andy Minnis2Bob Putnam2
Andy Jones3Steve Frehley36-16-30-020
Steve Minnis4Neil Duffy4
Ian Peters1Steve Frehley36-36-20-020
Andy Minnis2Neil Duffy4
Andy Jones3Andrew Reynolds16-32-66-1012
Steve Minnis4Bob Putnam2
Total Sets72
Total Points204


Match No 8
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Helsby B Univercity of Chester A Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Andrew Reynolds1Walk Over16-06-00-020
Neil Duffy2Walk Over2
Steve Frehley3Walk Over36-06-00-020
Dan Ellis4Walk Over4
Andrew Reynolds1Walk Over36-06-00-020
Neil Duffy2Walk Over4
Steve Frehley3Walk Over16-06-00-020
Dan Ellis4Walk Over2
Total Sets80
Total Points240


Match No 7
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Oxton B Helsby B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Chris Saxby1Steve Frehley16-36-00-020
Michael Dunleavy2Dan Ellis2
Louie Snell3Andrew Parkin31-66-37-1012
Darren Hough4Neil Duffy4
Chris Saxby1Andrew Parkin34-63-60-002
Michael Dunleavy2Neil Duffy4
Louie Snell3Steve Frehley14-66-310-721
Darren Hough4Dan Ellis2
Total Sets55
Total Points1212


Match No 6
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Helsby B Upton VH C Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Andrew Reynolds1Thomas Testo16-16-10-020
Neil Duffy2Paul Mabon2
Steve Frehley3Paul Testo36-16-00-020
Dan Ellis4James Buckridge4
Andrew Reynolds1Paul Testo36-06-00-020
Neil Duffy2James Buckridge4
Steve Frehley3Thomas Testo17-56-20-020
Dan Ellis4Paul Mabon2
Total Sets80
Total Points240


Match No 5
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
North Cheshire A Helsby B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Mike Kenny1Steve Frehley16-32-610-521
Peter Ferrett2Dan Ellis2
David Hynes3Bill Johnson31-61-60-002
Robert Ashworth4Andrew Reynolds4
Mike Kenny1Bill Johnson36-15-711-921
Peter Ferrett2Andrew Reynolds4
David Hynes3Steve Frehley12-60-60-002
Robert Ashworth4Dan Ellis2
Total Sets46
Total Points816


Match No 4
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Port Sunlight D Helsby B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Geoff Hockaday1Dan Ellis12-62-60-002
Paul Radcliffe2Neil Duffy2
Geoff Stott3Steve Frehley36-26-30-020
Ian Mckay4Kevin Fairbanks4
Geoff Hockaday1Steve Frehley32-66-70-002
Paul Radcliffe2Kevin Fairbanks4
Geoff Stott3Dan Ellis12-63-60-002
Ian Mckay4Neil Duffy2
Total Sets26
Total Points618


Match No 3
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Port Sunlight C Helsby B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Paolo Masuzzo1Bob Putnam17-62-68-1012
Paul Stanhope2Andrew Reynolds2
Mark Tollerton3Kevin Fairbanks35-72-60-002
Mod Irvine4Steve Herd4
Paolo Masuzzo1Kevin Fairbanks33-65-70-002
Paul Stanhope2Steve Herd4
Mark Tollerton3Bob Putnam13-64-60-002
Mod Irvine4Andrew Reynolds2
Total Sets18
Total Points222


Match No 2
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Helsby B Alderley C Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Andrew Reynolds1Mark Howard16-36-40-020
Dan Ellis2Dave Porteous2
Steve Frehley3Peter Akery31-60-60-002
Steve Herd4Ian Barr4
Andrew Reynolds1Peter Akery33-64-60-002
Dan Ellis2Ian Barr4
Steve Frehley3Mark Howard11-63-60-002
Steve Herd4Dave Porteous2
Total Sets26
Total Points618


Match No 1
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Birkenhead B Helsby B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
David Coombs1Neil Duffy16-44-67-1012
Patrick Waddington2Dan Ellis2
Peter Groggins3Steve Herd36-26-10-020
Harry Fitzherbert4Steve Frehley4
David Coombs1Steve Herd36-36-30-020
Patrick Waddington2Steve Frehley4
Peter Groggins3Neil Duffy11-66-70-002
Harry Fitzherbert4Dan Ellis2
Total Sets54
Total Points1410