Wirral Tennis League 2017/18

Main League

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Team Averages for Bertram B (Division 6)
RubbersSetsLeague Points
TeamDivisionPlayWonLostDrn% WonPlayWonLostWonLost
16James Tanner-Davies201280604526196654
227Dave Martin166100383513223462
335Paul Hughes844050181082820
436Ian Parry651083141042610
549Alastair Hamilton63305012661818
652Ollie Tanner-Davies431075972168
756Mark Watson4220509541410
895Glyn Morgan4130251037618
9107Peter Riordan20200514210
10111Mike Davies8080017116246
11113Liz Grealis20200404012
Sun 1st Oct1AUpton VH C141064
Sun 8th Oct2HBirkenhead B121244
Sun 29th Oct3AAlderley C121255
Sun 5th Nov4HPort Sunlight C121244
Sun 19th Nov5APort Sunlight D20472
Sun 3rd Dec6HNorth Cheshire A16863
Sun 4th Feb10HPinewood A22218
Sun 18th Feb11AHelsby B121244
Sun 25th Feb11APrenton D81636
Sat 17th Mar12AUnivercity of Chester A02408
Sun 25th Mar13HOxton B24080
   Played 111321324848


Match No 13
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Bertram B Oxton B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
James Tanner-davies1Walk Over16-06-00-020
Ollie Tanner-davies2Walk Over2
Dave Martin3Walk Over36-06-00-020
Mike Davies4Walk Over4
James Tanner-davies1Walk Over36-06-00-020
Ollie Tanner-davies2Walk Over4
Dave Martin3Walk Over16-06-00-020
Mike Davies4Walk Over2
Total Sets80
Total Points240


Match No 12
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Univercity of Chester A Bertram B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Elliot Lowes1Alastair Hamilton16-16-10-020
Gabor Zsibritovszky2James Tanner-davies2
Thomas Watts3Dave Martin36-26-10-020
Birinders Nahal4Mike Davies4
Elliot Lowes1Dave Martin36-26-20-020
Gabor Zsibritovszky2Mike Davies4
Thomas Watts3Alastair Hamilton16-16-00-020
Birinders Nahal4James Tanner-davies2
Total Sets80
Total Points240


Match No 11
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Prenton D Bertram B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Joseph Innelli1Alastair Hamilton16-36-30-020
Guy Edwards2James Tanner-davies2
Dave Pomphrey3Dave Martin36-16-00-020
Tom Holton4Peter Riordan4
Joseph Innelli1Dave Martin33-66-410-521
Guy Edwards2Peter Riordan4
Dave Pomphrey3Alastair Hamilton13-63-60-002
Tom Holton4James Tanner-davies2
Total Sets63
Total Points168


Match No 11
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Helsby B Bertram B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Andrew Reynolds1James Tanner-davies16-60-65-1002
Bob Putnam2Ollie Tanner-davies2
Steve Frehley3Dave Martin36-36-30-020
Dan Ellis4Mike Davies4
Andrew Reynolds1Dave Martin36-36-00-020
Bob Putnam2Mike Davies4
Steve Frehley3James Tanner-davies12-64-60-002
Dan Ellis4Ollie Tanner-davies2
Total Sets44
Total Points1212


Match No 10
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Bertram B Pinewood A Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
James Tanner-davies1Sandy Burrows11-61-60-002
Mike Davies2Ian Peters2
Dave Martin3Andy Jones32-63-60-002
Liz Grealis4Andy Minnis4
James Tanner-davies1Andy Jones33-66-43-1012
Mike Davies2Andy Minnis4
Dave Martin3Sandy Burrows12-60-60-002
Liz Grealis4Ian Peters2
Total Sets18
Total Points222


Match No 6
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Bertram B North Cheshire A Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Ian Parry1Mike Kenny16-16-710-421
James Tanner-davies2Peter Ferrett2
Mark Watson3Jane Hickey36-16-10-020
Paul Hughes4Stephen George4
Ian Parry1Jane Hickey36-06-20-020
James Tanner-davies2Stephen George4
Mark Watson3Mike Kenny13-62-60-002
Paul Hughes4Peter Ferrett2
Total Sets63
Total Points168


Match No 5
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Port Sunlight D Bertram B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Geoff Stott1Dave Martin12-62-60-002
Ian Mckay2James Tanner-davies2
Nick Hill3Mark Watson33-63-60-002
John Moruzzi4Paul Hughes4
Geoff Stott1Mark Watson37-65-710-621
Ian Mckay2Paul Hughes4
Nick Hill3Dave Martin12-61-60-002
John Moruzzi4James Tanner-davies2
Total Sets27
Total Points420


Match No 4
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Bertram B Port Sunlight C Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Ian Parry1Scott Dixon16-73-60-002
James Tanner-davies2Nick Hill2
Dave Martin3Nick Moore36-26-30-020
Ollie Tanner-davies4Alexander Hill4
Ian Parry1Nick Moore36-36-40-020
James Tanner-davies2Alexander Hill4
Dave Martin3Scott Dixon14-62-60-002
Ollie Tanner-davies4Nick Hill2
Total Sets44
Total Points1212


Match No 3
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Alderley C Bertram B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Geoff Guest1Dave Martin15-71-60-002
Dave Porteous2James Tanner-davies2
Roger Warbrick3Glyn Morgan36-06-710-521
Ian Barr4Paul Hughes4
Geoff Guest1Glyn Morgan36-46-20-020
Dave Porteous2Paul Hughes4
Roger Warbrick3Dave Martin16-41-65-1012
Ian Barr4James Tanner-davies2
Total Sets55
Total Points1212


Match No 2
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Bertram B Birkenhead B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Mike Davies1Patrick Waddington16-74-60-002
James Tanner-davies2David Coombs2
Alastair Hamilton3John Cooper36-16-10-020
Paul Hughes4Steve Morse4
Mike Davies1John Cooper34-64-60-002
James Tanner-davies2Steve Morse4
Alastair Hamilton3Patrick Waddington16-06-00-020
Paul Hughes4David Coombs2
Total Sets44
Total Points1212


Match No 1
Home TeamNumAway TeamNumScoreHomeAway
Upton VH C Bertram B Set 1Set 2Match
Tie Break
Geoff Dewhurst1Ian Parry12-66-28-1012
Paul Mabon2James Tanner-davies2
Ben Harris3Dave Martin36-44-65-1012
Thomas Testo4Glyn Morgan4
Geoff Dewhurst1Dave Martin36-06-20-020
Paul Mabon2Glyn Morgan4
Ben Harris3Ian Parry11-62-60-002
Thomas Testo4James Tanner-davies2
Total Sets46
Total Points1014