HEAD Wirral Tennis League 2019/20

Ladies League

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The Act Postion is based on average points to reflect true position when there are matches not played

Table for Ladies Division 2
Position MatchesSetsPointsAverages
11Hooton A14815743421696+120151515
22GlanAber A12714613417094+76131514
33Kelsall A137426544168114+60151213
44Heswall B125525551150138+12131213
55MerseyBow A144645453132144011109
66Oxton A133824471112188-761159
77Alderley A133913766108180-84788
88Upton VH A134723673102210-1084118

6 points deducted from Kelsall A
12 points deducted from MerseyBow A