HEAD Wirral Tennis League 2019/20

Open League

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The Act Postion is based on average points to reflect true position when there are matches not played

Table for Division 6
Position MatchesSetsPointsAverages
11Heswall C121011782522266+156211619
22Alderley B11812692319455+139171818
33Helsby C11821682819272+120191617
44Upton VH B10721543315288+64181315
56Pinewood B125525447148131+17141112
65NCheshire A116415243140118+28151113
78Bertram B125524952129147-1215911
87Hoylake D115605150128130+4141012
99Birkenhead B124714559120168-4881210
1010Oxton B11362366096168-721089
1111Prenton D11182366394170-761079
1212P Sunlight D11290257166198-132386
1313PSunlight C11191147738226-188343

6 points deducted from Hoylake D
6 points deducted from Bertram B
6 points deducted from NCheshire A