HEAD Wirral Tennis League 2019/20

Open League

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The Act Postion is based on average points to reflect true position when there are matches not played

Table for Division 6
Position MatchesSetsPointsAverages
12Heswall C9711562116056+104201618
21Alderley B8602551215729+128202020
33Upton VH B8611482213656+80181617
44Helsby C8521452412864+64171616
56Bertram B8422392810179+28131413
65Pinewood B7322352410068+32131614
77NCheshire A8431353596960131012
89Oxton B9342304782134-521189
98Hoylake D734029327488-8131111
1010Birkenhead B8260264172120-485139
1111Prenton D8161264766126-601058
1212P Sunlight D8170175344148-104486
1313PSunlight C807156014178-164212

6 points deducted from Hoylake D
6 points deducted from Bertram B