HEAD Wirral Tennis League 2019/20

Open League

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The Act Postion is based on average points to reflect true position when there are matches not played

Table for Division 2
Position MatchesSetsPointsAverages
11Bohemians A9900611717442+132201919
23WallaseyM A9531473212486+44151414
32Thorndale A9540503512486+4419914
44PSunlight A9342384398118-20111111
55Prenton B8341303984108-2414711
67Tarvin A9450315080136-561089
76COaks A8260314076110-2812910
88Birkenhead A9270235556154-921046

6 points deducted from Thorndale A
6 points deducted from WallaseyM A
6 points deducted from COaks A
6 points deducted from Birkenhead A