Wirral Tennis League 2018/19

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Open League

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2018 Fixtures for Division 1
Sun 23rd Sep
1GlanAber AVChester A
1Neston AVHeswall A
1Prenton AVPrenton B
Sun 30th Sep
1WallaseyM AVHoole A
Sun 7th Oct
2Chester AVPrenton A
2Heswall AVWallaseyM A
2Hoole AVNeston A
2Prenton BVGlanAber A
Sun 21st Oct
3Hoole AVHeswall A
3Prenton AVGlanAber A
3Prenton BVChester A
3WallaseyM AVNeston A
Sun 4th Nov
4GlanAber AVHoole A
4Heswall AVPrenton A
4Neston AVChester A
4WallaseyM AVPrenton B
Sun 18th Nov
5Chester AVWallaseyM A
5GlanAber AVHeswall A
5Prenton AVHoole A
5Prenton BVNeston A
Sun 2nd Dec
6Heswall AVChester A
6Hoole AVPrenton B
6Neston AVGlanAber A
6WallaseyM AVPrenton A
Sun 16th Dec
7Chester AVHoole A
7GlanAber AVWallaseyM A
7Prenton AVNeston A
7Prenton BVHeswall A
Sun 6th Jan
8Chester AVGlanAber A
8Heswall AVNeston A
8Hoole AVWallaseyM A
8Prenton BVPrenton A
Sun 20th Jan
9GlanAber AVPrenton B
9Neston AVHoole A
9Prenton AVChester A
9WallaseyM AVHeswall A
Sun 3rd Feb
10GlanAber AVPrenton A
Sun 10th Feb
10Chester AVPrenton B
10Heswall AVHoole A
Sun 17th Feb
11Chester AVNeston A
11Hoole AVGlanAber A
11Prenton AVHeswall A
11Prenton BVWallaseyM A
Sun 3rd Mar
12Heswall AVGlanAber A
12Hoole AVPrenton A
12Neston AVPrenton B
12WallaseyM AVChester A
Sun 17th Mar
13Chester AVHeswall A
13Prenton AVWallaseyM A
13Prenton BVHoole A
Sun 24th Mar
13Neston AVWallaseyM A
Sun 31st Mar
14GlanAber AVNeston A
Sun 7th Apr
14Heswall AVPrenton B
14Hoole AVChester A
14Neston AVPrenton A
14WallaseyM AVGlanAber A