Wirral Summer Tennis League 2019

2019 BT Membership Numbers for Alderley

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MixedT 1Alderley 2T 2Alderley 1T 3Alderley 2
MensT 1Alderley1T 2Alderley2
No players 58Can PlayPlayed
PlayerRank 1stRank 2ndBT Mem NoFemMixedMensT1T2T3T1T2Results
Peter Akery110823317     14Results
Ian Barr112963378     20Results
Chloe Blake66106074677 68   Results
Thomas Blanchfield111466533     2Results
Sam Bolton105894227      Results
Gary Brown127112039953  12 18 Results
Hazel Brown106555487      Results
Jack Brown106016812      Results
Louise Brown54105855532 204   Results
Sophie Brown106016845      Results
Lewis Burns106704129      Results
Oliver Burns106704145      Results
Scott Carter55105906388 82 42Results
Roger Chester1312105837786 214 16 Results
Lindsey Collins101368086      Results
Bruce Crosbie110616598      Results
Anne Deehan (nee Davies)12110616625  6   Results
Steve Donnely110605372      Results
Dominic Doran113260659     2Results
Anthony Edwards109105964727 114 18 Results
Oliver Elliott110253295     2Results
Stephen Elliott98106962731  14 18 Results
Robert Evans44110633027 25  22Results
Samantha Evans22110633035 14    Results
Christopher Fox113224487     2Results
Chris Gavin33103860371 17  4 Results
Sheela Ghosh110609188      Results
Sam Gill108425597      Results
Simon Gill110225534      Results
Mark Goodchild104974323     8Results
Emma Guest35105963341 42   Results
Geoff Guest106964458     2Results
Sarah Guest43105901937 26    Results
Jonathan Hall7103630389  8 6 Results
Clare Harrison89106988553  22   Results
Ann Holian910101470874  22   Results
Peter Holian101470882      Results
Simon Holian22101470899 24  2 Results
Daniel Hopwood11111657854 18    Results
Mark Howard110578536     20Results
Christine Jackson11112789078  2   Results
Brian Jones106962647    2 Results
Jean Jones105305452      Results
Ben Lamb106083033      Results
Joe Lamb104335244      Results
Sharon Lamb106140385      Results
Amanda Lowe106975994      Results
Sue Marcks8108110872  18   Results
Graeme Mealor107553963      Results
Lucy Milne1011112945457  8   Results
Richard Moore66105873756 714 4 Results
Mike OConnell1111105217536  20   Results
Alan Porteous810109327091  14 18 Results
Dave Porteous107371661     20Results
Lauren Porteous77109254928 620   Results
Jane Rimmer11104874519 26    Results
Stephen Rooney112896707      Results
Roger Warbrick112024844      Results