Wirral Tennis League 2017/18

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2017 BT Membership Numbers for Alderley

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MainT 1Alderley AT 2Alderley BT 3Alderley C
LadiesT 1Alderley A
No players 113Can PlayPlayed
PlayerRank 1stRank 2ndBT Mem NoFemMainLadiesT1T2T3T1Results
Peter Akery110823317    6 Results
David Alacan      Results
Jane Bache     Results
Ian Barr    10 Results
Karen Barr     Results
Tony Birkett      Results
Chloe Blake    Results
Dave Blake      Results
Tom Blake      Results
Alan Brown      Results
Gary Brown   14  Results
Hazel Brown     Results
Jack Brown   12  Results
Louise Brown    24Results
Sophie Brown     Results
Lewis Burns    4 Results
Scott Carter  16   Results
Trish Chapman     Results
Megan Chester     Results
Roger Chester  220  Results
Lindsey Collins     Results
Jean Corbett     Results
Bruce Crosby      Results
Anne Deehan     Results
Anne Deehan (nee Davies)     Results
Steve Donnely      Results
Anthony Edwards   22 Results
Clair Edwards     Results
Harry Edwards      Results
Jean Egan     Results
Steve Elliot   2  Results
Robert Evans  24  Results
Samantha Evans    12Results
Conor Flanagan      Results
Eamonn Flanagan      Results
Marion Flanagan     Results
Chris Gavin  20   Results
Sheela Ghosh     Results
Wendy Giardelli     Results
Sam Gill      Results
Simon Gill      Results
Mark Goodchild    10 Results
Andrew Goodwin      Results
Claire Goodwin     Results
Emma Guest    4Results
Geoff Guest    6 Results
Oli Guest      Results
Sarah Guest    6Results
Joinathan Hall  46  Results
Sheena Harris     Results
Clare Harrison    14Results
John Hipwell      Results
Anne Holian101470874    12Results
Peter Holian101470882      Results
Sarah Holian     Results
Simon Holian101470899  16   Results
Daniel Hopwood      Results
Mark Howard    4 Results
Gary Hudson      Results
Derek Hughes      Results
Sam Hughes      Results
Bryan Jones  2204 Results
Euan Jones      Results
Jean Jones     Results
Nicola Jones  2 Results
Matthew Kitteringham      Results
Neil Kitteringham      Results
Ben Lamb      Results
Joe Lamb  20   Results
Sharon Lamb     Results
Paul Leung      Results
Beryl Lloyd     Results
Paul Loftus      Results
Nathaniel MacAdam      Results
Sue Marcks  420Results
Barry Matthews      Results
Jane Matthews     Results
Karl McKinney      Results
Michael Meagan  8   Results
Ali Mealor     Results
Graeme Mealor      Results
Emily Moore     Results
Richard Moore  48  Results
Sally Moore     Results
Di Murphy     Results
John Murphy      Results
James Niedzwiecki      Results
Mike OConnell      Results
Matthew Pipe      Results
Alan Porteous  2222 Results
Dave Porteous    16 Results
Lauren Porteous  818Results
Charlotte Reynolds     Results
Jane Rimmer     Results
Phil Roberts      Results
Jenny Russell     Results
Phil Russell      Results
Molly Scott     Results
Jean Shepheard     Results
Neil Shone      Results
Sue Shone     Results
Keith Simpson      Results
Deli Skinner     Results
Chris Smith      Results
Alistair Stewart      Results
Martin Stewart   2  Results
Paula Stewart    2Results
Andy Turnbull      Results
Anna Turnbull     Results
Brian Vincent      Results
Roger Warbrick    10 Results
Shelagh Warbrick     Results
Tom Wilkinson      Results