Wirral Summer Tennis League 2020

2020 BT Membership Numbers for Helsby

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MensT 1Helsby1
No players 68Can PlayPlayedView
PlayerRank 1stRank 2ndBT Mem NoFemMensT1Results
Pip Adamson109917745  Results
Vicki Anders113415658  Results
Simon Ashwood107494361  Results
Claire Baxter112415111  Results
Tim Coleman102548594  Results
Graham Crosbie105818245   Results
Marie-Louise Culbert111796858  Results
Erica Davies110792133  Results
Nathan Dean112388122 Results
David Dobson113212498   Results
Neil Duffy110578274  Results
Neil Dunbar112925278  Results
Dan Ellis111815313  Results
Harry Ellis109917895  Results
Jo Ellis109917887  Results
Matt Elston112924408  Results
Kevin Fairbanks110162267  Results
Matt Ford109608865   Results
Steve Frehley108919539  Results
Anne-Marie Fulton111318483  Results
Chris Garrard112270498  Results
Kate Goldthorpe109239336  Results
Marco Greig109917922   Results
Jenny Harrow111984614  Results
James Hartley106519593  Results
Beth Herd108098245  Results
Elaine Herd112459359  Results
John Herd112459367   Results
Michael Herd102479564  Results
Richard Herd112467928  Results
Steve Herd109248153   Results
Ben Hockley107697404  Results
Peter Hully107286183  Results
Bill Johnson110588109  Results
Roger Kemp109917955  Results
Sarah Laming109389609  Results
Amanda Lillico109917988  Results
Edward Lillico108956229   Results
Warron Lloyd112709518   Results
Ian Mayhew110162226  Results
Carol Needham110162199  Results
Dan Nordmann109918348   Results
David Ormrod113392858   Results
Jill Palin109918053  Results
Toby Palin108131739  Results
Andrew Parkin109918061  Results
Lia Parkin111274904  Results
Philippa Parkin109918078  Results
Sam Parkin107607606  Results
Howard Priestley111890902  Results
Bob Putnam110578367  Results
Evie Putnam106788903  Results
Jayne Putnam109918105  Results
Andrew Reynolds111366189  Results
Phil Ritzema112624252   Results
Andrea Roberts109918138  Results
Sarah Savage105345407  Results
Cheryl Sharkey112316741  Results
David Sharpe113160502  Results
Ian Walker107708921  Results
Rob Walker112421774  Results
Elizabeth Wheeler110580519  Results
Chloe Williams106987882  Results
Laurie Williams109918296  Results
Michael Williams112453615  Results
Rachel Williams109918315  Results
Adam Youds107458217  Results
Emma Youds112707731  Results