Wirral Summer Tennis League 2020

2020 BT Membership Numbers for Oxton

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MixedT 1Oxton1T 2Oxton2T 3Oxton3
LadiesT 1Oxton1
MensT 1Oxton1T 2Oxton1
No players 67Can PlayPlayed
PlayerRank 1stRank 2ndBT Mem NoFemMixedLadiesMensT1T2T3T1T1T2Results
Jim Andersen110018859        Results
Jack Anderson108800151        Results
Lucy Andrews108558677       Results
Camilla Azurdia107628546       Results
Edward Azurdia105774663        Results
Richard Azurdia107562641        Results
Sarah Azurdia112761352       Results
James Bradley106713197        Results
Jennifer Cashin113008634       Results
Alex Chapman105210911        Results
Caroline Child104415704       Results
Jennifer Cowing113008618       Results
Rose Cowing113008582       Results
David Criddle105181091        Results
Mike Dunleavy106624149        Results
Richard Fennah112442589        Results
Tony Garbe113234589        Results
Koby Garrity111282966        Results
Katie Halton113175123       Results
Georgina Hodges107695869       Results
Teresa Hodges105271871       Results
John Holman108602362        Results
Madeline Holmans106894555       Results
Kath Hopkins104619843       Results
Jessica James113158694       Results
Daniel Kerrigan113264845        Results
Matt Kerrigan104678818        Results
Claire Lattin111627726       Results
Jess Lattin107483572       Results
Kate Lattin107483548       Results
Claire Lester113214303       Results
Paul Lester112956221        Results
Ryan Lester113214328        Results
Esther Lindesay112441389       Results
Deborah Lloyd105923387       Results
Samuel Lloyd-Hercules105789175        Results
Graham Mactaggart105813508        Results
Liz Mactaggart113244682       Results
Seb Mactaggart103742586        Results
Emily Mcburney104524476        Results
Neil Mclaughlin104686217        Results
Sarah Mitchell110018774         Results
Terry Murphy113008719        Results
Carrie Nobel110333242         Results
James Oconnor103844616        Results
David Pennigton109760136        Results
Emily Pennington106643523       Results
Alan Richards104544328        Results
Jennie Richards106704884       Results
Laurence Richards104544344        Results
Sue Richards104544292       Results
Andy Robertson105337435        Results
Annie Robertson112678301       Results
Jo Russell106481458       Results
Steve Russell106718188        Results
Jackie Snell110814658       Results
Louie Snell106949043        Results
Mark Upton113232576        Results
Matt Webb107555488        Results
Rebecca Webb107601003        Results
Kate Wiggett108459914       Results
Brian Wigggett106410554        Results
Grace Wiggins104239636       Results
Olivia Wimpenny104835579       Results
Rose Wise113283655       Results
Michael Withy103983778        Results
Sue Withy103968843       Results